Turn and be Saved - 10 Pack

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Specially Priced 10 Pack to give to friends, relatives and Christians in general

Most Christians desire the promise of salvation. They look forward to the day when they can join the Father and His Son in eternity. Scripture is very clear that there is a lighted path created for us to walk on which leads to eternal life.

The entrance to that path involves repentance. The problem is that most Christians have not been taught true repentance and they have been shown the wrong path. In short, they have been deceived by false teachers and false doctrines.

This book can help guide people toward the Covenant path - the narrow way described by the Messiah. It reveals the true definition of repentance based on Scripture and shows people how to "turn and be saved."

This book is highly recommended by Todd as a great read to stay focused on your own walk. It also makes a great gift for friends and family. This easy to read book may be a good way to explain to Christians the real meaning of repentance and get them focused on their Covenant journey.