The Law and Grace – Walk In The Light #7 (E-Book)

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Is the Law only applicable to ancient Israelites of adherents of Judaism?

Was anybody ever saved by keeping the Law?

Did God change His mind and abolish the Law through the ministry of Jesus?

Has Grace now replaced or done away with the Law?

Todd D. Bennett answers these questions and more as he explores thousands of years of religious customs and traditions which have obscured and diminished the instructions of the Creator commonly referred to as the Law, but more accurately called the Torah. This well researched study provides ample support for the fact that the instructions of the Almighty are still relevant to all Believers, not simply to ancient Israel, those of Hebrew descent or members of the Jewish faith. The reader will discover that the Messiah came teaching the Torah and those who claim to follow Him are charged to obey the Torah or face the punishment ascribed to lawless individuals.