Salvation - The Covenant Journey (E-Book)

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What must I do to be saved? This is one of the most fundamental questions that men and women have asked and grappled with over the millennia. Various religions, sects and denominations claim to have the answer, but since they all compete and sometimes kill one another over their solutions, it is apparent that not all of them contain truth.

A more fundamental question that should first be asked is: “What does it mean to be saved?” Only when you answer that question can you properly search the Scriptures for the way to salvation. Once you endeavor upon this Scriptural quest it soon becomes apparent that the popular universalist position of “many paths all leading to the same truth” simply does not stand up to the truth and the way described in the Bible.

Indeed probably one of the most intolerant individuals in history is the one called Jesus Christ. While many attempt to present him as a tolerant pacifist christ, the Scriptures record a very different Hebrew Messiah with a Hebrew Name who lived and taught the Commandments. He revealed that there was only one way, and that way was provided through the Covenant described in the Scriptures. Sadly, traditions have often clouded the true identity and teachings of the Messiah, including His presentation of salvation.

In this book we will explore salvation as described in the Scriptures, along with the culture and historical context within which they were written. This concise but well documented presentation may have you questioning your own long held beliefs about salvation, what it means to be saved as well as the Scriptural path to salvation.

Examine all of the evidence for yourself, which caused the author to question and alter some of his long held beliefs inherited from religious traditions. You may be amazed at his findings that have been ignored, suppressed or forgotten by mainstream Christianity and Judaism for centuries. Prepare yourself for the adventure of a lifetime as you begin to . . . Walk in the Light . . . which is the way of salvation!