An Invitation to Walk in the Light

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Easy To Read … Compelling … Thorough ... Revealing ... Life changing!

These are just some of the comments that have been made concerning the Walk in the Light series - twelve volumes that cover a variety of issues from the beginning of time through the end of the age.

This book is an introduction to the life changing Walk in the Light series. It is a must read for anyone raised in a mainstream Christian denomination. It cracks the door open, just a bit, to provide the reader a small glimpse into the impact that customs and traditions have had in shaping, and even transforming, the world’s most powerful religions over the centuries.

The series is the product of over 14 years of research, travel and a lifetime of involvement in Christianity. It clearly reveals that modern religions have strayed from the original truths contained within their Scriptures. Man-made traditions have won out over the truth in most mainstream religious organizations. This is a shocking statement and many instinctively reject the notion that they have been deceived through their religion, but they owe it to themselves to consider the possibility.

Examine all of the evidence for yourself, which caused the author to question and alter some of his long held inherited beliefs and traditions concerning subjects such as the Name of the Father and the Son, Covenants, the Scriptures, the Sabbath, the dietary instructions and the Law and Grace.

In this brief discussion, you will be amazed at the findings that have been ignored, suppressed or forgotten by mainstream Christianity and Judaism for centuries. The traditions of these religions have often clouded the very truths that they are supposed to be presenting. If you are a seeker of truth, you will experience a fresh and deeper understanding of the Creator by reading this book. It will leave you excited and hungry for more. It is an invitation to step out of the darkness and begin to Walk in the Light!